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Ponco Pamungkas, The Digital Business Strategic Specialist provides information that may assist you, with simple and practical tips on what your business or community organisation could be doing online and how you can do it.
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This is perhaps the biggest change in the past year or two from 2013. Being a great New Media Specialist was formerly a key characteristic of Computer Science and Promotion.
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Other people tell me that I’m multi-talented but I haven’t really thought of being anything extraordinary – many people are able to realize multiple talents. what i did with all about Digital Content it just feel inspired to pursue multiple creative projects. Well, enjoyment and fun are the key elements.


Sometimes it seems that people with lots of knowledge have to live different than people with normal knowledge. Knowledge is like river of information. Everyday I have to receive then think then conclude. The process will go on and on. If i become stagnant or in static mode/ outdated/ false, i’m sure i can’t create Digital Marketing. So, i will go on and on.


Work with Italian was a life changing experience for me. I have had the opportunity to study in a different, challenging and ambitious environment as well as learning about other cultures, people and best of all myself. Most importantly it helped me discover my real interests.

This is perhaps the biggest change in the past year or two from 2013. Being a great New Media Specialist was formerly a key characteristic of Computer Science and Promotion, Today, with every social network embracing visuals and multi-media, being able to represent the brand visually is absolutely critical. This is a real challenge for many community managers who come from the PR/communications side of things, and all of a sudden need to be New Media Specialist.

My job as New Media Specialist & Consultant is to digitally promote a company, plan or idea. In other words, I am an Advertising Representative for non-traditional media (meaning the digital world). Here you have room to be inventive: Digital media is new and constantly growing, meaning there are no tried-and-true rules as to how to use it most effectively. That’s my job, as a New Media Specialist, to figure out.

Company & Personal Branding
Website Development
Visual Content
Audio Content
Native App & Videogames
Social Media Optimization

Easiest Way To Making Your Brand Shine

I create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better. Building brands and driving sales with powerful ideas.

2009, Informatics Guy

Graduate of Computer Science from Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) offers an advanced educational system to train in first rate research and supports students’ international. who do pioneering work internationally, provide enthusiastic research supervision.

2009-2013, O Channel TV Jakarta

Professional Television Media Business as Video Editor & Music Arranger. Commercial broadcasting is the broadcasting of television programs and radio programming by privately owned corporate media, as opposed to state sponsorship.

2013-Present, New Media Manager

I’m Working fulltime for Resetgroup Srl & Twingroup.Srl Turin & Milan Italy as Business Strategy & New Media Manager to manage a lot of Client, Manage Soccer Business in Europe, America, South America and Asia. Specialy as Personal Assistant for Claudio Chiellini in Juventus Management and as New Media Manager for Giorgio Chiellini in Juventus Football Club

Digital Consultant

I able to working Parttime as CTO, sometimes known as a Chief Technical Officer, is an executive-level position in a company or other entity whose occupant is focused on scientific and technological issues within an organization.

My Capabilities, Complete!

Your brand’s strategy should be based on company goals. And just like James Bond wouldn’t have gotten too far without a plan, your business will eventually hit a wall without a cohesive brand strategy.

Being an on-trend, relevant, inspiring, purposeful, innovative and community-centric brand – these are the things that will make people pause, listen and pay attention. Customers want to identify with a brand they can grow with, that earns their trust and makes them feel valued. People want to evolve with a brand whose products and services help give their business or life meaning and significance. End to end, a brand must become a consumer’s best friend.


Short Story

You have a job in Italy, but you are available for freelance?

Yes, I’m part of as New Media Manager, and yes i’m available for freelance! I undertook many consultancy projects with international businesses. Just for Improve my Skill and Experience. Its main objective is to help businesses become high performers. I strive to add value for my clients by providing the best way with the best tools to tackle the most difficult problems facing my clients.

What are your key responsibilities?

I am currently working on a quality improvement and efficiency project for a large public sector client. As a consultant my role varies depending on the project I am working on, but generally, on a project, I have to manage the delivery of key milestones, lead and manage a team and manage the relationship with my client.

How’s your work/ life balance?

It’s my own responsibility to ensure that i keep a good work/life balance. The job will inevitably put pressures on this balance but if i are active in managing it, it can be minimal. I communicate with my manager in about any commitments I have and build work around them. For example, I go out in three days, with forward planning, am able to make sure I can do this without impacting my own work or the team’s.

What aspects of your job are tough?

Working in consulting involves being in a highly pressured environment. There is no such thing as a relaxing day, and no day is the same. Most of the time this is a positive – and one of the attractive aspects of the job – but at times it can be a downside. That’s why a good work/life balance is so important.

What gives you a buzz, it's good for you?

I wanted to work in a diverse and challenging environment, where I knew I would be able to make a difference. Anyway, By the end of a project i able to look back and see what i have achieved and have accomplished, normally in a very challenging situation. It is a great feeling!

Your wish?

I wish Internazionale F.C didn’t get any trophy this season and in the next season. LOL.

If you find my services useful or inspiring, pass it to someone else.

My Recent Projects, Crafting With Love