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With a passion for brand-centric outcomes and an advocate for marketing and digital literacy, I believes digital technologies are empowering tools for raising economic and social standards globally. with Diciri Indonesia i manage Rosebrand, Kalbe Group (HydroCoco), Telkomsel, O Channel TV, Okky Jelly Drink, Unisadhuguna ect.

With a background in Digital Content Expert to be strategic leadership, business development, digital marketing and international partner management, i have been instrumental in the creation of brands of digital marketing content & strategy.

Before founding Diciri Indonesia company, my experience in the service industry was not new. I worked in Broadcast Industry to create TV Commercial. after 4 years, i got new career, The viral story world wide is i worked for one of the biggest soccer players of Juventus and Italia National Team, Giorgio Chiellini in resetgroup srl. Enjoy with him and resetgroup company within 2  years, i reach my another goals, since 2015 (until now) i become Juventus FC on Loan Player Coordinator Personal Assistant to support Juventus Management to create content marketing for young player at Juventus FC until now. Another fact, I also became a Digital Marketing Instructor and consultant for small business owners in Indonesia i.e. Lapis Bogor Sangkuriang, Lapis Kukus Surabaya, Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja, Cake Ala Ali by Ali Syakieb. Those are some of the reasons why i understands how to value people.

So, who is Ponco Pamungkas? 1st, Ponco is Digital Marketing Content Strategy Expert, i work for who signed directly with him as consultant & creator. 2nd, Ponco is a Founder of Diciri Indonesia to manage his staff and provide digital content for a lot of Brand in Indonesia.


Digital Content Creation

Digital Content Creation

The success of your content marketing strategy depends on the nature of your content. I will bolster your content marketing efforts in any platform: see my content skills in my resume, you will understand that Digital Content is so comperhensive but i'm so talented.

Digital Ads & Promotion

Digital Ads & Promotion

Loud Speak in social media is one of strategy, to manage it we have media calendars and display targeted ads to audience on targeted Loud Speak in social media is one of strategy. I use data to do things such as show ads from advertisers trying to reach people in or near a specific interest.

Digital Management

Digital Management

supported with tools manager, i can tailor content for your visitors and present information that is relevant, and i offer high technology in any platform surely. Content management is the set of processes that sort, collect, manage and publish the information after content creation.

Digital Analytics Report

Digital Analytics Report

Analytic as measure tools help to see customer interaction progress. I'm working by Google Analytics, Social Media Insight Tools Certified measuring to make your your Digital Growth because most of the user behavior activities can be captured by data analytics. i can give it to you!



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